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PRP Therapy

The most commonly used allograft stem cells presently on the market are Nanofactor by arthrosurface, and PX50 by HydraTek. At the Stem Cell Clinic of Washington , we provide both of these allografts to treat joint inflammation, arthritis, damaged cartilage and similar painful conditions.

What is Amniotic Stem Cell?

Amniotic stem cell is the inner layer of the placenta, which surrounds the fetus. Amniotic stem cell and fluid contains cells and other biological growth factors with regenerative properties. The amniotic tissue allograft is donated to a tissue bank by screened mothers at the time of a caesarean birth.

What are the benefits of amniotic tissue allograft?

One of the key benefits of amniotic stem cell is that it is not subject to being rejected by your body (immune reaction). It is rich in nutrients, potent, and stimulates your body’s natural healing process.

The cells used are able to differentiate into a multitude of types of tissue, including cartilage, bone, tendon, ligament, and muscle. Other elements found in the graft such as proteins, cytokines, growth factors and other elements may help to reduce pain, regenerate tissue, and promote the healing process.

Another important benefit of amniotic tissue is its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation results in swelling and irritation of the joints, and can often be the source of your pain.

In many situations, reducing inflammation can relieve your pain. Amniotic tissue also has anti-adhesive and anti-microbial properties, which can help reduce scarring and fight germs, allowing you to heal quicker.

Is amniotic stem cell safe?

The stem cell graft we use is donated by healthy mothers during a scheduled caesarean section. There is very detailed and rigorous screening process that each mother must pass in order to qualify as a donor. All testing is governed by the US FDA.

How does this treatment provide relief?

The type of pain and the source can vary with each joint. The cause of your pain may be a mechanical symptom, fluid pressure in the joint, trauma, a loss of cartilage, or inflammation of the tissue in the affected area.

The cells are made to augment your body’s natural healing response by supplementing the regenerative elements that are found in amniotic stem cell. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties in Nanofactor reduce swelling and inflammation, and accelerate the body’s healing process. Stem cell in the injured area may also begin to regenerate, which can provide added relief.

What do treatments feel like?

The procedure is similar to a simple blood test or muscle injection. We will use a very small needle to inject the substance. You do not have to endure a painful harvesting procedure like with other commercial stem cell therapies. Your body will begin to go through a healing process in the weeks that follow.

Post-Care Instructions

Do NOT take any anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Aleve, Aspirin, etc. or ice the area for a minimum of one week after your treatment. They can disrupt the anti-inflammatory process. You can resume exercise and normal activities following the procedure if you are comfortable.